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Not just another monitoring network.

The only mesh based technology providing 100% Reliability. Signals have multiple pathways (up to 10) for redundancy and accessibility for remote and hard to reach areas.

Umbrella Mesh Network LLC

How Does Your Alarm System Communicate?


All Cellular GSM, CDMA, LTE, 2G, 3G, 4G

GSM communicators are easily disabled with a cellular blocker. These units are cheap and can be purchased online with the availability of blocking all cellular communication in a given area. Although they are illegal to use, the punishment for using one is far less than the punishment for burglary.

No Better


WiFi signals are also susceptible to signal blockers, just as cellular. Although internet signals are fast, internet alarm monitoring is only as reliable as the internet service itself.  What happens during a power failure or if the house power is turned off or disconnected ?  Most internet signals are lost if there is no power to the modem.  It is possible to obtain a modem with battery backup, but unlike your alarm system, this battery is not supervised so there is no telling how long it will run before signal is lost.  The most common life expectancy is four hours on a new modem battery.


Phone Line

Although POTS (plain old telephone service) is rather slow at sending signals, it is reliable.  Telephone signal carries its own power over the line so that it is not affected by a power outage at your home or business.  The draw backs to using a phone line, however is that the lines are usually easy to locate on the outside of the house and burglars can cut them.  Care should be taken to protect the lines and phone box from cuts and tampering.

The Best

Umbrella Mesh Network

Mesh based systems operate on a radio frequency and have encrypted signals. Mesh signals relay for each other so even if interference occurs, chances are the signals would still get though.  These Mesh systems are regional so the frequencies of operation differ for each location.  The radios also operate at a higher wattage.  This combination makes it difficult to block these signals from getting through. In addition, Mesh signals are very fast and build redundant pathways.

The Umbrella Mesh Network How it works

First it’s important to understand how conventional alarm communication works. If your system uses a phone line for communication, it has a single point of entry to your home. Simply cut the line and you cut communication. Any failure in the phone system could also effect communication.

If you use Cellular back-up, it dials out just like a cellular phone so its reliability is limited to the reliability of the cellular network you are on. Both of these methods are relatively slow in communication. Cellular jammers are now in wide-spread use during break-ins which disables this form of communication.

High speed internet has many reliability problems from an alarm communication standpoint including the loss of use during a power failure. With new WiFi jammers on the market, thieves are using all the tools at their disposal to disable your alarm.

Another technology is GSM, it is much quicker than phone or cellular, but uses the same cellular towers for communication and is also vulnerable to jamming.

So for The Umbrella Mesh? Basically your signal is transmitted to one of a number of towers in your area then has multiple connection points from there to our central station. In the event that a tower is down (unlikely as it is battery backed up as well as multiple transmission paths) your security signal will be re-directed over the mesh, relaying from house to house to reach another tower. This all takes place within a couple seconds, creating the most reliable, fastest security communication there is. This Mesh technology creates a network providing 100% reliability. Please contact our office for more information.

The Umbrella Mesh Network Difference

The Umbrella Mesh Network allows its dealers the freedom to choose! Our Authorized independent dealers help you choose the right equipment and monitoring packages to suit your needs. Unlike most dealers programs, your account remains with your servicing dealer. The Umbrella Mesh Network is unique in that we own and maintain our own alarm communication called The Umbrella Mesh Network. This helps keep costs affordable and eliminates the middle man (learn more about The Umbrella Mesh Network).

At the Umbrella Mesh Network we have wide knowledge base of security professionals and a support structure to back that up. All Authorized Dealers can also receive training in Locksmith techniques from our Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL). The first line of defense against burglary is good physical security and most physical security can easily be strengthened at little or no cost to you. Authorized Dealers will usually have a solution for your home, business, apartment, and even temporary housing. Let us help you find a dealer in your area today!

For your home

The Umbrella Mesh Network Authorized Dealers are your only source for The Umbrella Mesh Network. They are not required to use only one equipment solution as in most dealer programs, they have the ability to customize each and every system to meet your specific needs. Whether you desire basic home security or want more advanced features such as home automation, your Authorized Dealer has you covered.

By choosing an Umbrella Mesh Network Authorized Dealer, You can count on a friendly knowledgeable, local technician to handle anything that may arise.

For your business

No matter what your business, the Umbrella Mesh Network Dealers can design a solution just for you. Since our Authorized Dealers are not required to use only one equipment solution as in most dealer programs, they have the ability to customize each and every system to meet your specific needs. The Umbrella Mesh Network offers a variety of platforms for commercial use, some with the added benefit of advanced video monitoring.

You also get three (3) fully redundant UL rated central stations to insure the signals will get through quickly, helping to keep your business secure.

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Whether you are just getting started in the Industry or already have an established client base, The Umbrella Mesh Network may be the right fit for you. You keep your accounts, we provide the communication, reasonably priced monitoring rates with three fully redundant UL Rated central stations, and even client billing.

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The all-new Umbra line of products opens the door for alarm systems designed specifically for use with mesh technology. With interactive control that also allows remote programming via the app, service calls are drastically reduced.. Check out the Umbra products and UmbraAlarm App for more info.

Introducing The Umbra Legacy

The Umbra Legacy

At the Umbrella Mesh Network we have wide knowledge base of security professionals and a support structure to back that up. Pulling from this knowledge and working closely with developers, we are excited to introduce the Umbra Legacy alarm panel.

Features include a fully interactive App with added access for remote programming. Interactive control of smart appliance modules which enables remote control of any attached device.

Would you like to trigger an appliance when your alarm is armed/disarmed/activated or on a timer? the Umbra Legacy can do it!

Tired of remembering if your alarm is set after leaving the house? With alarm notifications using UmbraAlarm, you never have to worry if you set your alarm again!

Would you like to give access to your property to friends/family/collogues but retain the highest level of security? The Umbra Legacy not only has the ability to use RFID Proximity tags removing the need for code sharing/memorization, but with the UmbraAlarm app, you can be in full control of remotely arming and disarming your system from anywhere in the world!

Watch the video and take a look at the available devices to see what the Umbra Legacy has to offer.

Would you like a quote on the installation of the Umbra Legacy alarm panel? Contact any of our dealers in your area today and see how you can take advantage of this incredible new product!

Umbra Legacy Alarm Panel

Umbra Legacy Wireless WiFi Interactive alarm panel

  • Private custom company branding available.
  • Easy install pre-programmed kits available – Just add account number & codes
  • Transmission of alarm signals over the Umbrella Mesh Network & NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR INTERACTIVE
  • FREE Interactive arm/disarm control via mobile App using local Wi-Fi for IOS and Android
  • Optional App Guest access for up to 10 users—easily add and remove
  • Backup battery with loss of power notification
  • Built-in siren with 3 sound levels with support for wireless sirens including solar & repeaters
  • Keyfob control, RFID Prox reader & User codes available (with UM-305B wireless Keypad)
  • Zone Name Editing in App with Client permission needed for programming (Added security)
  • Reporting for arm/disarm/system status & burg signals to App & Central station
  • 32 wireless zones with optional wired siren
  • Wired to wireless translator available
  • Full range of products available for Burglar, Perimeter, Fire, Gas Leakage, Duress, Panic, Medical, chime only, notification.
  • Remote firmware updates/troubleshooting/programming
  • Proximity card arm/disarm
  • Supports verified response with WiFi & Network cameras available
  • Supports up to 8 smart sockets for appliance control
  • Optional standalone sensors with built-in siren for pools/gates/children etc.

Umbra Legacy devices

UM-20B Wireless Door/Window Contact

Uses 2x 1.5v/AAA batteries

600’ Wireless range (Open area)

(3x included in Umbra Legacy Kit 1 & 2)

UM-321 Wireless Pet Immune PIR

Uses 2x 1.5v/AA batteries

900’ Wireless range (Open area)

<70lb Pet Immunity

36’/110 Degree detection range

(1x included in Umbra Legacy Kit 1 & 2)

UM-320B Wireless PIR

Uses 4x 1.5v/AAA batteries or 12v dc wired input

900’ Wireless range (Open area)

36’/110 Degree detection range

UM-305B Wireless keypad

100% wireless standby for 1 year when fully charged

Recharging via micro USB

Can be plugged into Micro USB for 24/7 power


8 User codes

8 RFID Proximity Cards

Tamper functions

Lightweight & easy to install

(1x included in Umbra Legacy Kit 2)

UM-6108W Wireless Siren/Repeater

Easy plug-in design

Selectable flashing lights

450’ Wireless range (Open area)


Repeats up to 32 wireless devices

(1x included in Umbra Legacy Kit 1 & 2)

UM-6107S Outdoor Solar Siren with Repeater

Solar charged battery with 60 days stand-by time without sunlight (No wiring or battery change required)

105dB Siren with 3 color option strobe (Red/Blue/Red+Blue)

Repeats up to 16 wireless devices

Rear & Lid Tampers

Can be set to sound on arm/disarm

1200’ Wireless range (Open Area)

IP66 rated with -4°F to 130°F Operation

UM-34A Wireless Repeater

  • External antennas for extended range
  • Blind repeating or learned repeating
  • Huge 2550’ Wireless range (Open Area)
  • -4°F to 140°F Operation
  • 7.4v Rechargeable battery backup
  • Requires 12v Power supply

UM-20AT Wireless Contact with Terminals

Converts wired detector to wireless (non-powered)

External antenna for higher range

Micro power consumption

Status reporting to panel

900’ Wireless range (Open Area)

14°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x 1.5v/AAA Battery

UM-30 Wireless Vibration Sensor

3 sensitivity level adjustment

Micro power consumption

Low battery prompt

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x CR2032 Battery

UM-03S Wireless Smart Socket

Remote control from App

Plug and Play operation

Front override switch for manual operation

10A output current

2300W Output Power

14°F to 120°F Operation

UM-6121 RFID Proximity tag

No batteries needed

Program to arm/disarm or delete

Easy to use—no need for code


(2x included in Umbra legacy Kit 1 & 2)

UM-13B Wireless Remote Keyfob White

Arm Away/Home/Disarm

SOS Button feature

Micro power consumption

240’ Wireless range (Open Area)

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x CR2016 Battery

UM-11A Wireless Remote Keyfob Black

Arm Away/Home/Disarm

SOS Button feature

Micro power consumption

240’ Wireless range (Open Area)

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x CR2016 Battery

UM-33A Wireless SOS Button

Emergency Operation

Micro power consumption

240’ Wireless range (Open Area)

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x CR2016 Battery

UM-36 Wireless SOS Pull cord

Pull cord & button activation

Micro power consumption

Built in sound & light for alarm

900’ Wireless range (Open Area)

70dB Siren

14°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x 1.5v/AAA Battery

UM-620 Wireless 10 Year Smoke & Heat Detector

Built-in sound and light

Photoelectric smoke detection

Low battery prompt

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

85db Siren

-4°F to 140°F Operation

UM-31 Wireless Water Leakage detector


Micro power consumption

Built in sound & light for alarm

Low battery prompt

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

90dB Siren

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Requires 2x 1.5v/AAA Battery

UM-710NR-AC Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Built in sound & light for alarm

Manual Test button

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

85dB Siren

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Uses local 120v AC for power

UM-208T Outdoor Solar Pet Immunity Motion

2 PYRO Detectors for False prevention

Speed & Spectrum Analysis

Anti-Direct sunlight resistance

Pet Immunity >50lb

Lid tamper

Low voltage indication

Installation height 4’ to 8’

Optical range of 36’ with 110°

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

IP65 Rated with -4°F to 140°F Operation

Bracket for wall & corner mounting

UM-ABS610 Wireless Outdoor Solar IR Beams

Solar charged battery

2 Beams for False prevention

Can be set to chime only for entry indication

Spacing between 90’ and 270’

Axis Adjust 180°H & 20°V

300’ Wireless range (Open Area)

-4°F to 140°F Operation

Optional External 12v Power supply for low light

Pole or wall mounting with additional hardware

Interactive control with UmbraAlarm

Take control of your security

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